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Ask Dr. Jeff Videos

Welcome to "Ask Dr. Jeff". In this feature, patients and visitors submit questions to Dr. Jeff Shebovsky. Dr. Jeff answers all questions and select questions become the topic of a video below.

Come back often to see future videos and if you have a question that isn't addressed in a video below, please use the form on the right to submit it to Dr. Jeff.

Click on the title of videos below to watch them full size and to leave comments.

Dr. Jeff Shebovsky of explains "Cold Laser" treatments and how they work on a cellular level to accelerate healing.
In this edition of "Ask Dr. Jeff", Dr. Jeff Shebovsky of talks about sports injuries and how many of them involve the neck and spine. The majority of professional athletes use chiropractic for accelerated healing with the use of drugs that can impact their performance.
In this edition of "Ask Dr. Jeff", Dr. Jeff Shebovsky of talks about the changes coming to Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP) laws in 2013 and how you can avoid losing medical benefits.
In this video, Dr. Jeff Shebovsky talks about Spinal Decompression and VAX-D. This is an amazing procedure that provides immediate relief for painful back injuries like herniated discs.
This is first in a series of videos from Dr. Jeff where he answers questions that get submitted online. The topic of this video is Auto Accident Injuries and why someone should see a chiropractor when they've been in an automobile accident.

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